About glmps: the blog

Relive the moment.

A short film captures the story behind your photo. The camera is always rolling, so when you snap a picture you also get a movie. Moments can be saved privately or shared across your favorite social networks. Follow your friends and catch a glimpse of what's happening around the world while creating the movie trailer of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

glmps v2.0

glmps (pronounced “glimpse”) automatically captures a short film before each photo you take.  We’ve been told it feels like magic when we take you back in time to relive that moment.

How is glmps different from other photo apps?

glmps combines the ease of snapping a picture with the richness that only a movie can deliver.

How much does the app cost?

Nothing. It’s free!

How do I find interesting people to follow?

The Popular feed is probably the easiest place to start. We have three options to choose from: popular glmpses, popular users and glmpses that were taken near you.  You can also search for your friends from Twitter, Facebook and Mixi or search for users by name in the friends view.

How do I perform a search?

By touching the star you’ll be taken to Popular, and on the top right hand side you’ll find a search option.

Can I post a video response to a glmps?

Yes.  Just tap on the comment tab and in the comment screen you’ll see a red camera icon - that’s the video response button.

Why isn’t my video response featured in the main feed?

Video responses are always attached to the original glmps and can be found in the comment section directly below the original glmps.

How do I edit the title of my glmps?

Tap on your title and you’ll be taken to the detailed view. If you touch the title again you’ll get an edit option.

How do I see a glmps’s location or find out more details about a glmps?

Simply tap on the text portion of the top bar of an individual glmps - that’ll take you to the detailed view where you’ll find a map with the glmp’s location (if enabled) as well as other fun stuff like Foursquare checkin infor and recent glmpses from that user.

How do I turn off the geolocation tagging of my glmps?

All glmpses feature geolocation tagging that can be set to on/off by default through the settings view. You can also manually turn it off/on by tapping the red icon at the top right of the share screen before posting a new glmps. When it is red your glmps is being tagged. When it is grey it is not. Once a glmps is posted the location can’t be changed.

Can I make glmpses private?

Yes! After shooting one you’ll see a lock in the bottom left corner and all you need to do is slide the lock to the left and you’ll see it’s been changed to private.

You can always change your mind - to switch its status after it has been posted click on the three dots on the far right and you’ll be presented with an option to either “make public” or “make private”.

Who sees my “private” glmpses?

No one but you and the people you send them to. They’re a lot like a private YouTube link - you can choose to share it anywhere you want but they aren’t viewable to anyone within glmps. The only way people who follow you can see your glmpses automatically is if you make them public.

How do I preview my glmps?

After the glmps has processed (you can see the progress thanks to the green bar) you’re taken to a preview screen. This is where you can add a title, choose whether you want to have your geolocation tagged, and make it public or private. You can also have it sent to a variety of social networks instantly.

Tap anywhere on the photo to preview your glmps.

Press “Upload” to save it, or “Delete” to shoot another one.

Why are some words blue?

You’ll notice that hashtags and urls are blue - that means they are clickable. If you tap on the url link it will direct you to the site via your Safari browser.

How do hashtags # in glmps work?

When you add a hashtag (#) to the title of a glmps, it becomes clickable. For instance: “Drinking beer at #SXSW with old buddies” enables others to click #SXSW and find all glmpses that have the same tag. They’re automatically sorted in chronological order and now appear as their own feed.

Will adding a hashtag (#) in front of a word in the comment section be the same as adding it to a title? 

Not yet. Even though the word will be clickable, the results returned will only reflect glmpses with that same hashtag in their title.

What happens to the photo I shot?

The photos and movies leading up to your photo moments are automatically added to your camera roll.

Will my photo save if I don’t upload the glmps?

No. Your photo is only saved to your photo roll if the glmps is saved too, which means uploading it. Remember, you can always make it private if you don’t want to share it with others.

How do I change the sounds and push notifications received?

Like a lot of apps, push notifications are found in your phone’s Settings screen. Go to Settings - Notifications - and then scroll down til you get to glmps.

Here you can change the banners, alerts and sounds from glmps.

Do I need an iPhone to use glmps?

As of now you’ll need an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s or iPod Touch to capture and share with glmps. Although we don’t currently have a version of glmps specifically designed for the iPad, you can view and share glmpses on the the iPad and even shoot a glmps with the iPad 2.  You can also view glmpses on our website, Facebook or if its been embedded into a blog.

When will you have a version for my smartphone?

We are planning to build out versions for other popular devices down the road but we don’t have any dates to share.

What’s the best way to share with my friends who do not have the glmps app?

You can share glmpses through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Mixi, Foodspotting, Blogger, Instagram or send them via email or SMS directly from the app. Each glmps has a unique web address and embed code to make it easy to share on your favorite blog platform.

Can I add filters or edit my photo?

Glmps lets you share directly with Instagram, the best photo filtering app. Simply click the camera icon on the share screen and you’ll get two options: “Open in Instagram” or “Open with…” - the “Open with” option enables you to tap in to other apps on your phone if you have them installed such as Camera+, Dropbox or Evernote.

How do I find my old glmpses?

The best way to see a visual archive of your glmpses is by tapping the star and heading in to the Popular screen. The middle “Me” tab is where you’ll get thumbnails and shortcuts to past glmpses from your feed.

Can I view comments or make a comment on the web?

Comments are only created and visible in the app.

How do I delete a comment?

You can delete your own comment or the comments left on your glmpses.

You can either select individual comments and hit Delete at the top right, or if you’ve got a lot of comments you’d touch “Show All Activity” and then you can edit them in bulk.

I have a technical problem or support issue, who do I email?

You can reach out to our team at contact[at]