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Relive the moment.

A short film captures the story behind your photo. The camera is always rolling, so when you snap a picture you also get a movie. Moments can be saved privately or shared across your favorite social networks. Follow your friends and catch a glimpse of what's happening around the world while creating the movie trailer of your life.

About Us

Paul Robinett is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience whose products can be purchased in major retail stores worldwide. He has brought a diverse range of patented products to market from locking devices to canopy chairs, which have sold in excess of $50 million. He’s the co-founder of Renetto, a design and development company that builds innovative outdoor recreational equipment. He is a popular personality on YouTube with 65+ million video views, and an award-winning musician/singer/songwriter who has also sold hundreds of original paintings and photographs through his own art gallery, “Paul Robinett.”

Nicholas Long is a developer and has been the technical lead for the animation and core tools team at DreamWorks Animation for 10 years; he’s worked on top-grossing animated features such as Shrek 2 and How To Train Your Dragon. Prior to architecting tools at DreamWorks he was a senior software engineer at Alias|wavefront and worked on Maya, a revolutionary animation and effects platform used in most film and game studios around the world.

Esther Crawford spent four years as a national spokesperson and social marketing consultant for Weight Watchers. She’s a consumer advisor for ConAgra Foods and Endorse, and has been a contributor for local morning shows in Milwaukee, NBC’s iVillage and the Fox Report. She’s passionate about technology and is a graduate of Durham University in England with a Master’s degree in International Relations.