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A short film captures the story behind your photo. The camera is always rolling, so when you snap a picture you also get a movie. Moments can be saved privately or shared across your favorite social networks. Follow your friends and catch a glimpse of what's happening around the world while creating the movie trailer of your life.


This Is Why You Should Update Your Apps

If it seems like we’ve been pumping out a lot of updates since we released version 2.0 right before Christmas it’s because we have… but the only way for you to enjoy the fixes and new features is to make sure you keep glmps up-to-date.

Today 2.0.3 came out which includes:

✔ URLs in titles and comments are now clickable and open in Safari
✔ URLs and hashtags are kept in the recent hashtag list for easy reuse
✔ You can now edit titles of glmpses you have already posted (see the FAQ for how)
✔ Added support for Emoji characters
✔ Added new notifications

And in case you haven’t seen the full list of what changed in version 2, here it is:

✔ An entirely new design and user interface
✔ Privacy options give you control over who sees your glmpses
✔ You can change your mind at any time and make any glmps public or private
✔ Hashtags in titles are now clickable
✔ See and manage who follows you
✔ New detailed views for user profiles
✔ Discover popular users and glmpses shot nearby
✔ Enable or disable location by default
✔ Change your avatar
✔ Flag glmpses for review
✔ Find friends and post to Mixi (Japanese social network)
✔ Ability to share to new networks including Foodspotting, Blogger, Posterous and Mixi


- The glmps team