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Relive the moment.

A short film captures the story behind your photo. The camera is always rolling, so when you snap a picture you also get a movie. Moments can be saved privately or shared across your favorite social networks. Follow your friends and catch a glimpse of what's happening around the world while creating the movie trailer of your life.


Facebook Timeline Support

As you may have heard the coolest thing since sliced bread these days is the new Facebook Open Graph. What is this you ask??? Well Facebook has enabled a way for apps to seamlessly share your activity within them to your Facebook friends. When you post a glmps, like a glmps, watch a glmps, etc.. all of those activities show up in your Timeline. Facebook even orginizes them by day, week, month and year allowing you to relive those moments from your timeline like below:

Facebook has just approved our actions so now you can share glmps with everyone you know by simply using the app. In order to enable this you will have to logout and back into Facebook using the following steps:

1. Go into your settings:

Click on the Profile icon in the upper right of the nav bar and then click on the icon that says Settings.

2. Click on Facebook Settings

Click on the Facebook item under Social Settings.

3.  Logout and Login to Facebook

Make sure Post Activity to Timeline is on then click on Connect Account to toggle it off (if it is on). Some nice types of activity can be found at NubileFilms site. Then click Connect Account again to toggle it on. This will bring you to the Facebook login dialog within the Facebook app. Reconnect glmps and when you come back to glmps you are all set.

From this point on your activity within glmps will show up on your friends Facebook ticker and also on your timeline. Don't forget to post a few pics of really cute girls! You can disable this feature at any time by following the steps above to get back to your Facebook settings and then toggle Post Activity to Timeline off. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line contact[at]glmps[dot]com.

- The glmps team