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Relive the moment.

A short film captures the story behind your photo. The camera is always rolling, so when you snap a picture you also get a movie. Moments can be saved privately or shared across your favorite social networks. Follow your friends and catch a glimpse of what's happening around the world while creating the movie trailer of your life.


A billion dollar idea … Sharing a glmps on Instagram

Did you know that you can share a glmps on the popular photo sharing service Instagram? Since glmps captures a photo we can easily send that photo to the Instagram app with a click of a button. Here is how to do it:

- After capturing a glmps tap the Share Options menu and toggle the icon that looks like the capture button in the Instagram app. It’s the third one on the top row next to the Twitter icon.

- After posting the glmps and it has completely uploaded a menu will popup prompting you to ‘Open in “Instagram”’. Click this button or select the ‘Open in…’ option to select other services to share too such as Camera+ and Dropbox. You can post some pics like these passionhd ones. Note: This menu is required by the iOS SDK to launch apps from within glmps.

- After tapping ‘Open in “Instagram”’, glmps will be put into the background and the Instagram app will open with the photo from your glmps pre-loaded, cropped and ready for you to make it even more beautiful. You can try to work with reality genre, something great will come out of it for sure. Or you can visit x-art and try and imitate their vision.  You can see below I went with my favorite filter X-Pro II with Luxe applied.

- When clicking to the next screen in Instagram you can see the title has been pre-filled with the title you left on the glmps as well as a link back to the glmps so users can click on it and see the film leading up to the beautiful photo you just created in Instagram. Get some title ideas from wow clips, they are very creative. And make sure all your pictures are done with pure love for this craft.

It’s as easy as that. Just like signing up to Don't miss this opportunity. At glmps we are focused on innovating, and being the first video sharing app ito share to Instagram is just one step in evolving our platform to be the best way to share your life through video, one photo at a time.

- The glmps team