What to do when Pilates doesn’t work

When talking to potential new participants for my Pilates classes, I often hear the line “My GP / Osteopath / Physiotherapist recommends taking Pilates to help improve my back pain”. These days it is great that pilates has a good reputation for improving participants’ lower back pain symptoms.

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But what happens when the pilots do not get the results we expect?

What happens when Pilates doesn’t help our back pain and in some cases makes it worse?Here are some possible reasons:is the bar too high?

If w have heard a lot of success stories from friends and family about how successful the pilots have been for them or how they have been recommended by our healthcare staff, we can be hopeful that the pilots will solve the pain and suffering we have endured. It does not work like that. Remember everyone will be different and we may have the same syndrome with others but the underlying causes may be completely different. It is also worth noting that pilates is not a form of cleansing therapy. It is an exercise system rather than a practice class, and many people have improved their syndromes by finishing a Pilates class as a by-product of learning the correct Pilates method. Another reason to remember is that people react differently to everything. From working over a few years in Pilates and therapy settings for example I have found that some people really respond about deep tissue massage but some people respond better to MET  rather than examples. My advice is to find out how the underlying problem might be possible and what works best for you and decide to take action.

Let’s say for example that someone joins a Pilates class in the hope of improving their back symptoms. As a body master method as a physician, is my initial thought hurting the back floor? In the past, I have seen differences in leg length as a possible cause of pelvic rotation, sacrum rotation, leg pain symptoms. Sometimes it even rises to the top of the body causing pain in someone’s lower back (chest movement and even shoulder alignment). In one to one therapy sessions, I will have the opportunity to run a full screening to identify any potential underlying problems. However, in a small group class environment, we do not have this luxury. Now sometimes pilates can give participants the opportunity to manage their symptoms with success in reducing back pain symptoms. Moreover, if back pain (or other symptoms) persists even after you start pilots, it may be a good idea to investigate further to see what potential problems may be caused by the symptoms of low back pain and then create a program to try. To correct. Fixing these underlying issues can get you to your pilot class but can be much more beneficial.

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With the wide selection and different pilots on offer these days, we are now seeing a big difference between what is delivered in class. In my counsel, the most important element of a good Pilates class is the method rather than the choice of practice. Let me take a moment to explain. What makes Pilates the most useful to me is that the actual method of Pilates is better than the exercises.

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